You will never believe what this beggar does when no one is looking

We all know how the Thai can be very creative with their TV ads and this new ad for a CCTV company has been gaining a lot of views lately for its very unique and touching story line.


The title of the video is written in Thai and can be roughly translated into “The truth that I see with my eyes.” It follows the story of an old Thai businessman who’s been so irritated with the beggar sleeping in front of his shop. To him, the beggar brought bad luck to his business and also prevented customers from going to his shop because of his funky smell. He came up with different ways in shooing the beggar away. He even resorted to mean ways such as dumping water on the poor sleeping beggar, as well as using a broom to ward him off. People who saw what he’s been doing to the poor guy have shown dislike towards what he does, but he still continued to treat the beggar like scum. Despite all the maltreatment he received from the old man, the beggar still managed to smile and sometimes wondered why he was being treated so awfully. He continued sleeping in front of the old man’s shop, treating it as if it was his home. Then came the day when the old man had reached his limit when he saw pee in front his shop. With so much anger, he began hurting the beggar until he woke up. Confused and scared from the treatment he received, the beggar ran away. The following day, the old man noticed that he wasn’t in front of his shop anymore. Days have passed and there was still no sign of the poor guy. It was when the old man decided to watch the CCTV clips in front of his shop that made him regret how he treated the poor guy. You will never believe how a someone could be so kind to another who does nothing but harm him. Watch the video to find out more.



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