Women in Japan can hire men to wipe their tears away



Ikemeso Danshi, is a service in Japan where women can hire attractive men to help comfort them when they are feeling down in the dumps.


These men, otherwise known as Ikemen come to your workplaces to wipe off your tears with a handkerchief.





This kind of service was devised by Hiroki Terai, founder of rai-katsu, who has made the “tear-seeking” business as form of stress reliever a popular business in Japan.


Ikemenso Danshi is the shorter term for “ikemende mesomeso nako dansi,” which is roughly translated to “good looking men who cry.”


As of late, there are six available ikemen in the company’s website.





Customers can place their order for an ikemeso courier and the ikemen will arrive around some time later to help them relieve office stress. They can watch sad movies together with their ikemen, who would even romantically place his hand behind the customer in a seductive move called kabe-don where he would also touch the customer’s cheek.





For now, the Ikemeso Danshi service is only available to corporations around the Kanto region, but hey, that’s a few less #foreveralone people!



Photos by ikemeso-office.com


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