The pressure test is over: find out who won season 6 of Masterchef US



Single mom and events manager Claudia Sandoval won this years title as the US Masterchef last night after a head on battle with Masterchef finalist, Derrick Peltz.


Three home cooks battled out on the first part of the show’s finale where Stephen Lee was eliminated on the first hour of the competition. Lee was defeated by souffle, steak frites and panna cota.


Claudia had to deal with a lot of difficulties in the finale after she almost forgot an entire portion of octopus and nearly burned an entire batch of custard in the dessert round. Despite these challenges, she was still able to prevail with the help of her family and friends’s support. Claudia was able present exemplary dishes to the show’s judges including a magnificent hibiscus poached pear which they loved.


Ever since the start of the competition, Claudia was very vocal about winning for her nine-year-old daughter. She said that her personal cooking inspiration was her mother, while her professional cooking inspiration was Mexican chef Enrique Olvera.


The new Masterchef title holder has been showcasing her Latina roots to her dishes and bringing them at the finest restaurant level.


When asked about the best culinary advice she had received, Claudia tells interviewers that it came from Masterchef host and judge, Graham Elliot.


“He told me to stick to what I know and trust my instinct. He reminded me that my style is nothing like anyone else’s and trying to be like someone else means, you aren’t being true to your food. I want to cook Claudia food … not Graham Elliot food,” she said.


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