What would you do if a homeless person gave you money?

In a world that has been so consumed by material things, money has become a measuring stick of what a person has achieved. Because the wealthy have more than enough, they choose to give to those in need to reassure themselves that they are doing something nice, but what if in another universe, it’s the poor that gives money to the rich?


Yousef is a famous Youtube blogger fouseyTUBE. With over six million subscribers in this channel alone, (he owns other Youtube channels under his name) he creates both entertaining and inspirational videos for everyone to enjoy.


In this video, Yousef wanted to see how people would react if things are turned upside down. Instead of pretending to be a beggar asking for help, he dressed up as a homeless person offering help. He went around the streets of Los Angeles carrying a sign that says “No one has become poor for giving.” He called the attention of people from all walks of life and tried to offer ten dollars while disguised as a homeless guy.


Trough his video, Yousef wanted distinguish true charity from pride.  He wanted to tell everyone that the richest man in the world can only help through material things, but is helping without the heart truly helping someone? Do we really help others because we want to or because it makes us look and feel better? As what was mentioned in the video, “humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.”


Watch how people reacted to Yousef’s social experiment in this thought provoking video.



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