Watch the unseen raw footage of the 9/11 bombing

The 9/11 tragedy is probably one of the biggest terror attack in man’s history. It was not only the two buildings that collapsed that day, but also the lives of thousands of people and their families. America had a huge wake up call on how terrorism can affect the lives of their citizens and the entire world mourned for the lives lost during the tragedy.



This video is a private footage of anonymous college students residing in a dormitory at NYU. Although they are far from the tragedy, you will clearly hear the terror in their voices for having witnessed such a traumatizing scenario. The video started after the first plane hit the building and it was just starting to catch fire.


One of the student was talking to her mother on the phone, telling her about what was happening in front of them. Her mother seemed to be unconvinced with the story her daughter tells her until she switched on the television. In the background, you will here the news reporting about the horrendous incident as it happened. The students’ voices were shaky as if trying to process what was happening in front of them.



In the middle part of the video, you can hear one of the student say, “That better not be a person.” And the camera zooms to the building were you can see a human like figure falling from the top floors down to the ground.



Just when you think that all of it was already terrifying, the students began to scream as they witnessed ANOTHER plane crash on the other tower. Panicking, one of them which we can hear was named Megan, calls her mom to inform that she is leaving her dormitory. Due to shock, Megan along with her roommate runs out of their dorm room in panic, crying for fear that their lives might be in danger too.


At the end of the video, you will see other students in the dormitory trying to go out of their building. Shock and panic were clearly seen in their faces. “I saw, the other one hit the middle of it,” one student tries to retell her experience while they were on the elevator.



The video shows so much about the trauma that the tragedy brought even to distant witnesses. From the screams and cries of the two students in the video, you might get goosebumps or might even run out of words to say. Even up to this day, the effects that 9/11 brought can still be felt, not only by Americans, but also people from all over the globe.


Watch the full video down below:






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