Watch out for the supermoon on September 27!

On September 27, the world is going to witness the super moon lunar eclipse. This would only be the fifth time in the history of mankind that a super moon lunar eclipse will take place, and it’s definitely something to be excited about!

Because the moon orbits around the Earth in a prograde ecliptic motion, there are instances wherein the moon is closesr to the planet and there are times when the moon is farther from the Earth. Apogee happens when the moon is farthest from the Earth, while perigee occurs when the moon is closest to the planet. Consequently, the supermoon takes place during the moon’s perigee, where it appears as 14% larger in diameter than its common size.


super moon


Meanwhile, a lunar eclipse happens when Earth stands in the middle of the moon and the sun.  This event allows the moon to pass directly behind the Earth’s umbra or shadow, causing the it to appear with a reddish color. This phenomenon is only possible when the sun, Earth, and moon are aligned  directly and closely to each other, with the Earth in the middle, this is why a total lunar eclipse only happens on a full moon.


lunar eclipse


A super moon lunar eclipse happens when the moon is in its perigee behind the Earth’s umbra. On this event, the moon would appear larger and with a reddish tint. This phenomenon has only been recorded four times in history with the first one on 1910, and the last on 1982. Needless to say, this opportunity only happens rarely and the next one will occur 18 years from now. So mark your calendars on September 27 and make sure that you witness this one of a kind event in history.




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