Wait, this guy is cheating with what?

We all know how crazy some girls could be, but we never really expected for this incident to escalate so quickly. So a random guy on Instagram was checking out his feed and found a photo from Nat Geo’s Instagram account . The guy was probably impressed with the photo so he decided to give it some love and hit like, and even commented about how beautiful the photo was.




Everything was going on smoothly until his girlfriend found out about the photo.




Confused, the guy immediately asked his girlfriend about what she was talking about.




His girlfriend was so mad about how he tried to hide it from her.




It ended up to a full blown fight between him and his girlfriend.




The guy obviously wanted to fix everything before making rash decisions.




But his girlfriend stood firm with her decision to end things with him.




And just when everything would have been quickly diffused, the third party decided to speak up.



Well, that escalated quickly.


How about you, what’s the most ridiculous cheating story you know? Like, share, and comment your answers down below

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