Top 5 Beauty Bloggers you should follow on Youtube

Make up could be very tricky and it’s best to have someone to guide you trough process of learning. But in the absence of a make up teacher or the lack of time and money for make up school, here’s a list of Youtube beauty bloggers that can teach you almost everything about make up.

  1. 1. Glam and Gore – Mykie is a self-taught professional beauty and special effects makeup artist in LA. She does a lot of makeup tutorial videos on popular film and TV characters. Not only that, Mykie adds a bit of a twist as she turns something glamorous into something more badass.

  2. 2. From Head to Toe – Jen is a freelance makeup artist who has been a Youtube blogger since 2008.  She blogs  about anything concerning style and beauty, as well as hacks that may come in handy for anyone.

  3. 3. Vivian Vo Farmer – Vivian is a fashion and beauty blogger who does make up tutorials on different looks for any occasion. She posts get ready with me videos as well as easy hair tutorials  for those long mermaid locks.
  4. 4. Macshadowcombos – Zabreena is a Youtube beauty blogger who does honest product reviews, make up tutorials and haul videos. One of her popular video series is called Frugal Fridayz which features budget-friendly, but quality make up.
  5. 5. PatrickStarrr – Patrick is a 25 year old Filipino beauty blogger, who’s also a professional freelance makeup artist in Florida. He does a lot of makeup tutorials for any occasion and was also part of the top 6 of the NYX Face Awards.

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