Tokyo2020: Japan’s prime minister turns to Mario at the closing ceremony of Rio2016

Hosting the Olympics is such a big deal for every country because it would turn the whole world’s eyes toward them. This is why host countries always try to put their best foot forward in order to show the world what they’ve got.


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Naturally, the Olympic events serve asameans for each country to introduce themselves to the world. China showed their majestic culture through the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics. Meanwhile, England showed their impressive history during the 2012 opening ceremony. Brazil showed their colorful traditions in this year’s Olympics.


Now that the 2016 summer Olympics has come to a close, it is time to pass on the heritage to the next host country, Japan. During the closing ceremony, Japan gave the world a glimpse of what the next Olympics would look like in 2020 and it was nothing short of awesome.


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A two-minute clip was presented as a teaser, introducing the next host country. It was a mixture of everything Japan is internationally acclaimed for, animation, technology, and gaming. To make things even better, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, even morphed into Mario, a popular character in Nintendo games.


In the video, Abe seemed to be running late for the closing ceremony, so he had to do what most world leaders had to do when attending special events —turn into a gaming character. With the help of Doraemon, Abe created a tunnel from Tokyo all the way to Rio to make sure that the prime minister gets to the ceremony on time.


To their success, Abe was able to get to the ceremony just at the right moment and was even able to turn back to his natural state. Audiences applauded this extraordinary performance  and netizens went crazy over it.





Japan is set to host the next worldwide sports competition in 2020. The country has been preparing for the event since 2015 and is even building a stadium designed especially for the event. The stadium is said to cost  £825m and designed by renowned architect, Kengo Kuma. It will be built using steel frames and wood, following the theme “trees and greens,” to show exquisite Japanese tradition. Construction of the stadium will be finished in January 2020.


Watch the clip of this year’s Olympic closing ceremony here:



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