The meaning behind the Game of Thrones characters’ names

Game of Thrones has been one of the most sought after television show since it premiered in 2011. Based on George R. R. Martin’s amazing novel, A Song of Fire and Ice, the series has been getting billions of viewers worldwide. One of the most famous characteristics of Game of Thrones that sets it apart from other shows is its unpredictability. Although many may have read the story in Martin’s books, the show never fails to surprise its viewers with exciting plot twists and deaths. (even on your favorite characters)


However, we may be able to lessen the show’s unpredictability with the help of this trusty redditor Saskatch. He was able to come up with a (very) comprehensive list of Game of Thrones characters names and their meanings. This information might actually tell the destiny of each character. If so we had everything coming to us all along. Check out some of his discoveries.



Asian from Daenerys,Aemon is one of the last known living Targaryen. After refusing the throne for himself, he decided to seclude himself and serve the Castle Black at the Wall. Aemon, came from the ancient Egyptian word Amon,  that roughly translates to “the hidden one,” which makes so much sense because he is basically hidden and protected by his brothers on the wall.



Arya is one of the most well-loved characters in Games of Thrones. She has been known for her masculine characteristics that rule over the fact that she is still a young girl. Her name came from a Sanskrit word that means honorable or noble, living up to what her character shows.



Bran‘s name comes from a Gaelish word that means raven. With his relation to the three-eyed raven and his journey in becoming. This might give a hind of what Bran’s ultimate conquest should be.



Brienne is derived from the Celtic name Brianne which means high and noble. As one of the strongest women (both physically, and mentally), her name fits so well with her character’s class in society as well as her personality.



The name Catelyn is derived from the name Caitlyn, which is rooted from Katherine. Her name is associated with the Greek word for torture. Her character faced several torturous experiences throughout her life. Nevertheless, she remained strong and willful.



One of the most menacing characters both in the book and the TV series, the name Cersei is derived from the Greek goddess Circe, who is known to have killed her own husband and was forced to live in solitude. Can that back story sound any more familiar?



Robb Stark shares his name with Robert Baratheon. Both are known to be kings of their own territories and their expertise in battle. Robb and Robert come from a Germanic word that means famous. This can be seen obvious as bot Robb and Robert were famouse among Westeros for being the King in the North and for the latter’s bravery.



The Hound’s real name is derived from Alexander. Coming from Greek Roots, Sandor translates to “defender of men,” a responsibility that his character has proved to be fitting when he had efficiently protected several people (including Arya) in the story.



Despite the lack of physical strength, Tyrion compensates his short comings with his undeniable intelligence. His name’s Greek root word means king. Yes, king. Will this be his destiny? We have yet to find out.



Cunning and always filled with tricks up his sleeves, Varys‘ name is derived frome Varius, a Roman word for versatile. True enough this interesting character has proved to be versatile especially when he needs to execute his well-thought plans.


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