TBT: Celebrity childhood pictures

We’ve seen them in movies, TV shows, and awards nights. We’ve read about them in magazines, papers, and on the internet. We’ve practically seen a lot of pictures and videos about them, but we have never really seen how they looked like when they we’re not as famous as they are today. In this week’s TBT, we are going to take a look at adorable childhood photos of these super famous celebrities we have today.


1.   Selena Gomez


Selena has been in the entertainment industry for as long as we can remember. You might actually remember her as one of the kids dancing and singing with our favorite purple dinosaur, Barney! Here’s a throw back to how she looked like in her adorable days as one of Barney’s best friends.


Selena Gomez

photo by andpop.com


2.   Dwayne Johnson


Before Dwayne became a famous actor, he was The Rock, a super strong and excellent wrestler who’s name have made millions for the industry. But long before Dwayne had his awesome physique, he was once a teeny tiny and definitely cute baby. Check his photo down below!


Dwayne Johnson

photo by heavy.com


3.   Lea Michele

Before Glee and Broadway, Lea was once a beautiful kid who loves singing. With her magnificent voice and superb acting, she has sure made a way into our hearts.


Lea Michele

photo by huffingtonpost.com


4.   Beyonce

Before Beyonce was queen, she was a princess, and a very adorable one! Here’s a throwback to see just how perfect queen Bey is even as a baby.


photo by arcade.com



5.   Justin Timberlake


Our favorite NSYNC member has been cute starting from the day he was born. Don’t you agree? Look at those smiles. Don’t they make you want to melt?


Justin Timberlake

photo by imagearcade.com


6.   Kanye West


Before Yeezy, Kanye knew how to smile. Take a look on just how sweet and adorable he looked in his baby photo. We never thought we would be able to describe Kanye as sweet and adorable, but he was!


Kanye West

photo by heavy.com


7.   Miley Cyrus


We cannot deny the fact that Miley is probably Billy Ray Cyrus’s cutest offspring! Take a look at those cheeks! Baby Miley is our favorite Miley.


Miley Cyrus

photo from pinterest.com


8.   Jennifer Lawrence


We couldn’t find a baby photo of JLaw but, we have come up to a conclusion, that she is as pretty as she is now even when she was younger.


Jennifer Lawrence

photo by snakkle.com


9.   Kendall Jenner


Kendall is one of the youngest Kardashian sister and definitely one of the cutest. From childhood, she’s super model material through and through!


Kendall Jenner

photo from abcnews.com


10.   Justin Bieber


JBiebs is beautiful no matter how old he is. Those eyes! How adorable could they be?


Justin Bieber

photo by heavy.com

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