Tasty Tuesday: 10 three-ingredient recipes you should try

This week is going to busy for sure. You barely have time for cooking, let alone grocery shopping, but starving is never going to be an option of course. We found a solution for you! Why not try these easy 3-ingredient recipes that’s surely going to make your taste buds happy and your schedule light.


1   For breakfast, try this 3-ingredient pancake recipe using bananas, eggs, and coconut flour. The best part? It’s gluten free and paleo! What more can you ask for? Get the recipe here.




2   For lunch, try this coca cola chicken recipe. It’s sweet, tasty, and definitely easy to make! Get it here.


photo by: angsarap.net

photo by: angsarap.net


3   No one should forget about dessert, so go ahead and whip up this super easy 3-ingredient chocolate cake that you can do in just one minute! Amazing, isn’t it? Get it here.




4   Forget about PB&J, you gotta have some meat in your sandwich. Try this 3-ingredient pulled pork recipe. With just rootbeer, BBQ sauce, and of course pork, you will never have a boring sandwich. Ever. Get the recipe here.




5   How about easy 3-ingredient oatmeal bar? If you love snacking, why not get the healthier option? Learn how to make it here.




6   Try making this 3-ingredient crock pot beef taco for your movie nights. Toss all the ingredients in the crock pot and wait for the magic to happen. You don’t need to chop anything. It’s as easy as that! Get it here.




7   How about beef teriyaki for dinner? With just three ingredients, you can have a feast that’s super easy to make. Try the recipe here.




8  Scream for this 3-ingredient peanut butter banana ice cream recipe. Because we know how you love to treat yourself. See the recipe here.




9   Impress everyone with your baking skill by doing this 3-ingredient beer bread recipe. Get it here.




10   This no-bake 3-ingredient pumpkin fudge is absolutely perfect for the fall season. It’s healthy too! Get the recipe here.




We believe no one deserves to be hungry, so go ahead and enjoy these recipes!



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