Selena Gomez ends social media war with Justin Bieber

Past lovers Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have had their fans on their toes with their very recent and very public feud on the famous social media platform, Instagram.


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For the past few days, Bieber and his rumored girlfriend, Sofia Richie has been roaming around the streets of Japan. Bieber posted several photos of him and Richie which Jelena fans clearly disapproved of. Because of this, the young artist has been receiving a lot of hate comments on his Instagram account which are made by fans who are disappointed with Bieber’s new beau.


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Due to the influx of hate he has been receiving, Bieber requested his fans to refrain from posting negative comments on his social media account and threatened to shut it down.


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Gomez responded to Bieber’s request by telling him to refrain from posting photos of him and Richie to stop all the hate comments he has been getting. She also reiterated that his fans are the reason why he has achieved his prominence. Gomez even posted a photo collage on her own Instagram account to show her gratitude towards her own fans.



Bieber quickly replied to the Gomez’ message, accusing the female singer of using him to gain fame. He also clarified that he loves his fans and that he just do not want to tolerate hate.



Gomez then replies with an accusation of  Bieber cheating on her,  to which fans have gone insane.



The war between these two big stars have had Jelena fans divided on which side to choose. Some have even posted lengthy hate comments directed towards the young male singer while others resorted to posting snake emojis on Bieber’s Instagram account to show their support for Gomez.



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Bieber stuck to his statement before the kerfuffle came about and disabled his Instagram account. He then appeared to use his manager, Scooter Braun’s account to post an update on social media.




Gomez ended the argument between her and Bieber by posting a statement of regret in her Snapchat account.




What are your opinions toward the feud between Justine Bieber and Selena Gomez? Whose side are you on? Comment and share your answers down below!


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