See what magic can a simple ball of yarn do

They say that the hair is a girl’s crowning glory, but what if you lost yours?


Holly Christensen is an oncology nurse who has found her compassion on helping little girls who are battling with cancer. Due to the nature of her career, she has witnessed the struggles and pains of what she calls little princesses. Part of the fight against cancer include losing one’s hair, but even if hair is just part of the physical appearance, the absence of it could be detrimental to a person’s self confidence. What more if a girl loses hers at a very young age?


On 2014, one of Holly’s friend’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Because the little girl was likely to be admitted to a hospital for treatment, Christensen wanted to come up with a present that would brighten up the little girl’s hospital days. She decided to up-cycle a crochet beanie to make it look like an elegant wig of a Disney princess!


Bree Hitchcock (left), Project Manager, and Holly Christensen (right), Project Leader


The wonderful gift brought so much joy to her friend’s daughter, that she decided to help other girls who are battling with cancer. Christensen partnered up with her friend Bree Hitchcock as project manager and started The Magic Yarn Project.


The project aims to help bring smiles and the magical feeling of being a princess to cancer patients. All of the beanies and yarns used in the project come from donations from various people all over the world.



Each wig is made with soft acrylic yarns and are embellished with gems, crocheted flowers, starfish and snowflakes, silk flowers, and polyester ribbons. They are machine washable as long they are put on mesh bag. Additionally, every wig is handmade by volunteers and funded though donations.


The Magic Yarn Project currently asks donation through their website and their gofundme account. As of late, they have raised $26,881 out of their $50,000 goal. They still continue to accept donations and are even handling workshops to teach other people on how to recreate their wonderful wigs.


So far the project has four available designs.


They have Elsa



Princess Anna










and the generic rainbow hair



They are hoping to add Jasmine and Belle wigs in the future.


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