Pranks that are pure evil

Supposedly friendly pranks that may have gone to far. Here are some proof that April Fools’ is year round.


The classic office prank taken up a notch.



What would you do if this happened to you?



This is why you shouldn’t sleep at parties



Here’s another reason why:



Is it too late now to say sorry?



A very nice welcome back to your office mate



tp’ing trees is not as fun as this



Something to do when you know your friend is waiting for an “important” phone ko *wink*



For your friend who loves sweets  way too much



This is another version of “pimp my cubicle”



Jello anyone?




Everything’s gone topsy-turvy



At least the car won’t get scratched



A little goes a long way



This is what happens when you don’t give the bagger enough tip



At least the whole office will smell like a movie theater.



f u du dis, ur ded





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