Pokemon Go Craze: Citizen files first-ever lawsuit against Game Makers

A man from New Jersey filed a case against the companies responsible for the sensational game Pokemon Go.  The federal class action case was filed against Nintendo Co Ltd, Pokemon Company International and Niantic Inc by Jeffrey Marder; a resident of West Orange, New Jersey.  Marder claims that the game has continuously brought unwanted people to trespass in his home as well as other private properties around the area.


photo from:512tech,com

photo from:512tech,com


Pokemon Go is a game where players use their mobile phones to search for and capture virtual Pokemon characters. These characters are found in real life places like restaurants, parks, buildings and inside other people’s homes.


Because of it’s gameplay, the massively popular game has caused a number safety concerns and  criticisms from citizens all over the world.  Days after its worldwide release, news broke out that four teenagers from Missouri used the game to perform armed robberies to unsuspecting victims. The game was also responsible for two players illegally crossing the United States and Canada borders last month. The players were reported to have lost track of their surroundings while trying to catch virtual Pokemon.


Private establishments like Museums and Libraries also discourages players from playing the game inside the premises.  They tagged their behavior  as irresponsible and delinquent.


A feature in the game allows players to meet in places where they can engage other players in a battle to win rare items. However, these “Pokestops” , as they call them, are frequently within or near other people’s private property. This was the main issue in the lawsuit that Marder filed in Oakland, California’s federal court.


Marder claimed that on the first week of the game’s release, players began hovering outside his house with their mobile phones. He stated that five of these players knocked on his front door asking him if they can go to his backyard to “capture” the virtual Pokemon that can be found there.



photo from: themarysue.com

photo from: themarysue.com


The lawsuit seeks class-action from people whose properties are designated as a site where virtual Pokemons are found or those whose properties are near these so called sites. Marder’s case is the first-ever lawsuit  filed against the game makers since Pokemon Go’s launch in July 2016


The  companies behind Pokemon Go is yet to respond  to the case filed against them.  Nintendo, the biggest stakeholder of the Pokemon company, is responsible for the development of the game along with Niantic.  It was said that Pokemon Go was able to increase Nintendo’s market value by a whooping 50 percent since the game’s debut.


Amidst  Pokemon Go’s negative popularity among netizens, some people are looking at it as a way for children to start enjoying an adventure outdoors. Although its technically a game that is played through a mobile phone, it requires you to walk around the neighborhood to find these virtual creatures. Because of its interactive nature, some claim that the game may prove to be better than virtual reality

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