Pizza saved this guy’s life

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Pizza is definitely life for 47-year old Kirk Alexander when his very own life was saved by the crew from his neighborhood Domino’s Pizza in Salem, Oregon. As a loyal customer for seven years, Alexander’s regular order has suspiciously stopped coming in for 11 straight days. This made the pizza chain’s crew to become worried about their regular customer.


One Sunday morning, store manager Sarah Fuller sent one of their store’s delivery guy to check in on Alexander. When the delivery guy didn’t receive any respond from Alexander’s door, they decided to call 911. He was found lying on the floor of his home with his TV and light turned on.


Fuller said that when the customer’s order hadn’t come up for a while, she and her screw had began to get worried. They said that Alexander usually orders from them every other night and orders through the store’s website. One his address would come up, they would immediately recognize that it was Alexander’s order. His order varies every time from pasta, pizza, wings, and sandwiches.


A little after midnight on Sunday, Fuller sent their employee, Tracy Hamblen to check up on Alexander. She noticed that the light and the TV were both switched on inside the house, but when Hamblen knocked, nobody responded. She event trued to call Alexander, but she was sent to voicemail.


According to Oregon live, due to the suspicious events, Hamblen called 911 while Domino’s assistant manager, Jenny Seiber called the authorities’ non-emergency line. Authorities were quick to respond and Alexander was rushed to the hospital. Marion County sheriff’s deputies didn’t disclose the Alexander’s medical condition, but they commended the pizza store’s value for their loyal customers. They said that had the pizza shop brushed off the incident and didn’t investigate further, Alexander’s life would have ended.


However,  a source told Koin that Alexander must have experienced stroke, but it wasn’t confirmed for confidentiality purposes. The crew and management team of Domino’s Pizza in Salem became a hit for taking very good care to their loyal customer. TV networks flocked the restaurant and they were even given rewards by their own company for their exemplary customer service.


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