How do colors affect your mood?
Different colors have different meanings, but there's more to in than that. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that some colors may alter our moods. Here's a guide on how colors affect us. –
1 year ago comments LorjCM
Celebrity couples we wish were still together
Love is in the air! Or was it? Since hearts' day is just a few days away, we've decided to list down some celebrity couples we wish were still together. We know, we know. There's no use crying over sp–
1 year ago comments Misty
Facebook Messenger’s Hidden Chess Game
Did you know that you could play chess with your friends using Facebook chat? All you need is a special keyword to launch the chess board and start playing.     1. Durin–
1 year ago comments Fun Fact LOL
Common things hated by famous historical tyrants
Many of history’s despots and tyrants got to where they are because they were feared and hated by people, but did you know that many of them also feared and hated things we consider mundane? Here ar–
1 year ago comments Misty
Biggest reasons why aliens will look nothing like us
In almost every media depiction of aliens, the extra terrestrials are portrayed as creatures that look nothing like humans, and in most cases have to rely on disguises to blend in.   One wo–
1 year ago comments Misty
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