Meet the 5-year old Instagram sensation Hawkeye Huey

Hawkeye is son to National Geographic photographer, Aaron Huey. To this date, Hawkeye is  probably the youngest Instagram famous photographer to date. At five years old, he has over 112 thousand followers on Instagram with only 163 posts.



In April 2014, Hawkeye and his dad went out on an adventure in the American west. His dad, Aaron gave him an instant camera, hoping to bond with his son through travel and photography. The trip wasn’t really about making a photographer out of Hawkeye, but to build a connection between father and son. Fortunately, it has became a bit of both.



Together, the Hawkeye and his dad set out to explore different places in America including Navaho Nation, Salvation Mountain, Cody Night Rodeo, and Las Vegas. Over the course of their trip, the two made Seattle as their “base camp.”


hawkey rodeo

In their adventure, Hawkeye took about a thousand photos, which he and his father posted on Instagram. The little boy’s amazing photos have made an instant hit in the famous social networking platform and has been gaining a lot of followers everyday. Hawkeye was even featured by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the 100 up coming talented photographers on Instagram.



Aside from Rolling Stone, Hawkeye was also featured in various magazines such as Spotlight and Time. Here are some of his photos up on his Instagram account.










photo 5


Hawkeye and Aaron’s trip has just recently ended and Hawkeye is set to release a photo book as the final leg of their adventure. His photo book, which his dad called on Instagram as knee-high portraits of the American West, is titled, “Cowboys Indians Hobos Gamblers Patriots Tourists & Sunsets.” The title is a pretty accurate description if what’s going to be inside his amazing book.




In his Kickstarter page, Hawkeye aims to raise up to $35 thousand dollars to publish his first photo book. Currently, he has raised around $20 thousand with nine days left before the deadline.




You can follow Hawkeye’s Instagram account here or his dad, Aaron here. Or better yet, give them some love by supporting Hawkeye’s photo book on Kickstarter.

Credits: photos are from Hawkeye’s Instagram and Kickstarter account, and Aaron Huey’s account

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