30 Hilarious reasons why babies cry
Babies are indeed bundles of joy, but sometimes they can be a handful especially when they have their tantrums. Behind those ear-piercing wails and awful drama, most reasons why babies cry are because-
8 months ago comments Misty
Selena Gomez ends social media war with Justin Bieber
Past lovers Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have had their fans on their toes with their very recent and very public feud on the famous social media platform, Instagram.   [caption id="atta-
11 months ago comments Misty
17 Photos that show how life is like as an adult
If there's anything in life that anyone should be most proud of, it would be their adulthood. You spend about two decades of two nestled under the wings of your parents and then poof, you are now an a-
11 months ago comments Misty
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