30 Hilarious reasons why babies cry

Babies are indeed bundles of joy, but sometimes they can be a handful especially when they have their tantrums. Behind those ear-piercing wails and awful drama, most reasons why babies cry are because of the simplest reasons. Need proof? Check out these babies’ reasons


1.     How can you tell him that he doesn’t need those many socks?



2.       How can you say no to that face?



3.       What do you mean no more bacon!?!!!!



4.     You can’t have it all.



5.    I cried too.



6.    WHO ATE MY FOOD!!?!!!!!



7.     We’re not letting you go anywhere.



8.     NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



9.     I can totally understand his dilemma.



10.     How are they not string cheese?!?!!!!






12.     I just want to eat my food in peace, is that too much to ask?!!?!!!



13.     This is one sad banana.



14.     Maybe she needs it to compute her taxes.



15.     I don’t know what to say about this.



16.     But I gave him a name already!!



17.      What do you mean Halloween happens only once every year?!!!!



18.     He’s not funny.



19.     He’s always in the way.



20.      Why do I have to wait to get food?!!!!



21.     It’s because I like challenging myself.



22.     Because there is now such thing as good morning.



23.     Start them while they’re young.



24.     I want them. I want them now.



25.     Some things cannot be undone.



26.     But why????



27.     How can this happen to me????



28.     But that’s a part of me, I can’t just let it go. 🙁



29.     Sharing is not caring!!!!



30.     Please don’t leave us!!!!!



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