Guess what this mom found in his son’s shower

Patty Patinson was casually cleaning the downstairs bathroom in their house when she found something out of the usual. Curious as to what it is, she decided to consult her then 117 Twitter followers for answers.


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Her tweet reached up to more than 7k retweets and 8.5k likes.  Being a little bit conservative and naive, Parsons didn’t expect the answers she received in the social media platform.



Apparently, the thing that Parsons found in his son’s shower was a masturbating device marketed for gay men.


Some people tried to give hilarious answers to Parson’s question, to which she was not amused.





And then this happened…




When she finally decided to ask her son about it…



But just to be sure that her son was telling the truth, she decided to investigate further.




Aww, CJ. You should have been more honest to your mom.



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