You wouldn’t believe what this guy did with his financial aid

Education is probably one of the most important thing a person can have. Good education is a right that everyone deserves to have. Although it is part of a person’s  basic needs, education does not come free —and it isn’t even cheap! That is why most governments all over the world try their best to provide assistance to students who are in need of financial support for their education. In the United States, both the government and the schools lay out programs that would help students pay for their needs while studying. If the student is qualified, they are granted with scholarships. Others also avail student loans to pay for college, while some are lucky enough to be granted financial aid by their schools. One of these lucky people was Brandon Lerry.



Lerry was given a check worth $2,500 by his school as a form of financial aid. This money was supposedly allotted in buying books, school materials, and any other expenses that he will need while studying. To many this would be a huge help in pursuing their education, but Lerry had other things in mind.


Instead of spending the money on books and school materials as what was expected of him, Lerry cashed out his check and bought tickets to a country halfway around the world. He even decided to surprise his girlfriend with the trip saying, “My girlfriend has never left the country before and I know the one place that she’s always wanted to go.”  So he booked tickets to Thailand and surprised his girlfriend with the ticket and their itinerary.




Lerry recorded their trip using a GoPro camera and showed the highlights of their adventure. Everything looked pristine and fun. The video showed the couple riding a motorbike along Thailand’s country side and swimming at different resorts and beaches in the country. He also showed clips of himself etching “N + B” on a random tree in Thailand.




The two definitely seemed to enjoy their trip. Many viewers of the video were amazed with the quality and the beauty of the video. Others noticed how Lerry included clips of his girlfriend’s butt across the whole video. Naturally, the young man was called out by many netizens, saying that what has done was fraud. Others were angered by how he was privileged and yet he received financial aid and spent it on a different way.



Despite the many hate comments the video received, other netizens didn’t see anything wrong with what Lerry did with his financial aid. They backed him up with quotes from articles and how this act was relevant to his course, which was film making.



Nevertheless, the video reached up to more than 600, 000 views and continues to be viewed by other people from all over the world. Brandon Lerry owns his own channel on YouTube with one thousand followers. This video is the only one posted to his channel.


Check Lerry and his girlfriends adventure to Thailand in the video down below:



How about you? Would you spend your financial aid for a trip across the globe? Or would you spend in on things needed for school? Share your answers on Facebook!

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