5 Little known inventions from famous inventors
While not necessarily rockstars, inventors get famous if one of their inventions benefit a lot of people. In most cases, they get famous posthumously but still – they and their most famous invention-
4 years ago comments Misty
10 feel good movies you should definitely watch
On nights when you don't have anything to do and you feel like you deserve something to cheer you up, watching feel good movies is an excellent choice. No slapstick humor, tear-jerking scenes (althoug-
4 years ago comments Misty
Cute animals that will help you get by this leap year
2016 is yet another leap year and speaking of leaps, there's no better way to celebrate the new year than watching cute animals leap their way through various obstacles to help you get by the entire y-
4 years ago comments Fun Fact LOL
Last minute holiday gift ideas for kids
Christmas is definitely for children. It's the time to make them feel extra special through gifts. If you haven't decided on what to get your kid, niece, or nephew this coming holiday season, we got y-
4 years ago comments Misty
5 Hacks to beat the Monday blues.
Let's face it, nobody really likes Mondays. After two days of all play, who would want to go back to their boring, tiring, and stressful routine? But being an adult ---or even a student---- means, Mon-
4 years ago comments Misty
See what magic can a simple ball of yarn do
They say that the hair is a girl's crowning glory, but what if you lost yours?   Holly Christensen is an oncology nurse who has found her compassion on helping little girls who are battling-
4 years ago comments Misty
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