FINALLY! Someone won American Ninja Warrior after 7 seasons



History has been made last September 14 when a 33-year-old professional rock climber Isaac Caldiero bagged the grand prize of the world famous American Ninja Warrior. After seven seasons and over 3,500 contestants,  Caldiero completed all four stages of “Mt. Midoriyama” at the show’s set in Las Vegas making him a million dollar richer.


One of the show’s regular competitor, Caldiero first competed in 2013. Donning a Jesus costume, he made it all the way to stage one up to the jumping spider where he unfortunately fell and was removed from the competition. In an effort to redeem himself, he came back the next year and made it all the way to stage two where he met his defeat on the double salmon ladder. “I don’t like falling, so that still kinda eats at me,” he said in his feature video.


This year, Cladiero came prepared and he came to win. He was confident with his skills which was very evident with his performance in the competition. He narrowly edged out Geoff Britten, who also finished the obstacle course.


“Winning this event always seemed impossible,” Caldiero said. He was able to beat the final course with four stages and 23 obstacles. “As the firstAmerican Ninja Warrior I want to use this opportunity to inspire the world to find your impossible and conquer it,” he added.


Watch the video of how Caldiero overcame the obstacles and won the $1 million grand prize.


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