Feast your eyes with this top 10 food movies all food lovers should watch!

Food is probably the best thing ever. Who doesn’t like food?


Feast your eyes with this list of movies about our favorite thing —food! These food movies will leave your mouth watering, and your stomach churning!


1 Chef


Carl Casper quite his job at a famous restaurant, Gauloise in Brentwood, California, after being shamed by food blogger Ramsey Michel. Casper finds himself putting up a food truck and going all over the country serving Cuban sandwiches. Casper then learns that there are more important things in life than  fame.







Julie and Julia


Julie and Julia follows the story of two women. Julia Child, who just moved to France with her husband, struggles in finding her identity. Child found and passion in cooking and decided to produce a French cookbook in English with the help of her friends. Julie Powell on the other hand, is a yuppie in New York who is struggling to find herself amidst all of her friends’ success. Powell decides to create a blog following Julia Child’s cookbook. This movie is a story about finding your love in cooking.






3 Ratatouille

Ratatouille is a story about Remy, a highly ambitious rat who dreams of putting up a restaurant someday. Due to an unfortunate circumstance, Remy was separated from his clan and finds himself underground in Paris. On the other hand. Alfredo Linguini was just hired as a garbage boy at a famous French restaurant, Gusteau. While the head chef Skinner feels threatened with Linguini, he and Remy partners up in cooking for the restaurant where they faced an adventure they never knew they would experience.






4. Like Water for Chocolate

Like Water For Chocolate is a Mexican movie about the love story of Pedro and Tita. Tita pours out her heartaches toward Pedro by cooking in the kitchen. Based on the novel written by Laura Esquievel, this almost magical love story will make your mouth water from all the food Tita makes.






5. How to Cook your life

How to Cook Your Life is a documentary written, directed, and starred by Edward Espe Brown, a Zen priest form San Francisco who wants to share his culinary life and his lifestyle to the world.





6. Super Size Me

Super Size Me is a documentary about the most lucrative business in history, fast food. In this film, Morgan Spurlock tackles about the many different influences the fast food industry brings.



7. The Princess and the Frog


Tiana works as a waitress in both her day and night job. Convinced that she needs to fulfill her late father’s dream of putting up a restaurant, Tiana will do anything to get money to reach her dreams. She ends up trying to bring a prince back to his human form after being turned into a frog.


8. Ramen Girl


Abbey had just broken up. She was left stuck in Japan, confused on what step to take next. Abbey finds herself studying to become a ramen chef under a tyrannical Japanese chef.


9.  The Lunch Box


Due to a silly twist of faith, Saajan Fernandes end up corresponding with Ila, a young housewife through a mistaken lunch box delivery service in Mumbai. The two develops an interesting friendship with their wonderful note exchanges.






1o. Eat Pray Love


After going through a divorce, Liz Gilbert decided to travel the world in search for more meaning in her life. She tried to cope up from her heartaches through travel and food. From there, she met a lot of interesting people that changed her life.


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