Common things hated by famous historical tyrants
Many of history’s despots and tyrants got to where they are because they were feared and hated by people, but did you know that many of them also feared and hated things we consider mundane? Here ar-
4 years ago comments Misty
Biggest reasons why aliens will look nothing like us
In almost every media depiction of aliens, the extra terrestrials are portrayed as creatures that look nothing like humans, and in most cases have to rely on disguises to blend in.   One wo-
4 years ago comments Misty
4 lost Technologies that still baffle modern scientists
There’s no denying that we’re currently at our most technologically advanced, but that does not necessarily meant that it’s always a forward progression. There are technologies that were lost to-
4 years ago comments Misty
5 Things we got wrong about the outer space
  The thing about science is that everything we take as fact now is still subject to scrutiny, and may turn out to be complete hogwash when new information is discovered. This is particularly -
4 years ago comments Misty
10 feel good movies you should definitely watch
On nights when you don't have anything to do and you feel like you deserve something to cheer you up, watching feel good movies is an excellent choice. No slapstick humor, tear-jerking scenes (althoug-
4 years ago comments Misty
10 healthy recipes you can make under 30 minutes
We know how important your time is, but your health should always come first. After all the over eating and the fast food you have consumed in the past few weeks, we think it's time to practice eating-
4 years ago comments Misty
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