Take a look how dogs look as they age.
Dogs as they say, are man’s best friend and we couldn’t agree more to this statement. However, a dog’s life is potentially shorter than most humans have and they age way faster. Amanda Jones spe-
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Japanese Artist turns pearls into skulls
Shinji Nakaba has been a jewel designer in Tokyo since 1974. He is known for creating wearable jewelry from unconventional materials. He says that he brings new life to things that have no value such -
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CREEPY Old Asylum buildings in Italy
Thomas Windisch, a Austrian photographer, who’s famous for capturing old, abandoned buildings, took these amazingly creepy photos of old asylums in Italy. These asylums were shut down by the Ital-
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Check out the new Star Wars Samurai figurines
Tamashii Nations, a Japanese company famous for creating unique interpretations of popular movie franchises introduced its latest collection of Star Wars Samurais in line with the upcoming Star Wars: -
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