Facebook Messenger’s Hidden Chess Game

Did you know that you could play chess with your friends using Facebook chat? All you need is a special keyword to launch the chess board and start playing.


Facebook messenger chess


1. During conversation, type @fbchess play a chess board will appear.

2. To select a piece:

• K for King

• Q for Queen

• B for Bishop

• N for Knight

• R for Rook

• P for Pawn


3. To move a piece, you need to select the piece and add the letter and number representing the space you want to move it on the board.


For example, we will move the Pawn in front of the King. Check the picture as reference.

@fbchess Pe4

• P is Pawn

• e is the letter representing the column

• 4 is the row number


If you need more help about the Facebook Chess commands type @fbchess help

If you want a larger view of the chess board, click on the chat and select “See Full Conversation.”

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