Top 5 creepy websites on the internet

We conducted a research to find out the creepiest websites in the web. No, we don’t mean scary, what we meant was hair-raising and down right cringe worthy websites found on the internet. Check out the top 5 creepy website we’ve found!




National Sex Offender Public Website is a US government website that provides information about registered sex offenders. You can search an offender by typing his/her name or you can type your address and check how many sex offenders are in your area.






Human Leather is a store that sells wallets, belts, shoes and power bracelets made with human skin. Yes, you read that right, ACTUAL HUMAN SKIN. They are not illegal because they get it from volunteer donors and they reward their beneficiaries and next of kin.






This site has a list of all the inmates that were executed in Texas prison. If you click the name and read their last words some are sad and upsetting. Like Charles William Bass whose last words were “I deserve to tell everyone I said goodbye.” The most disturbing was Leonel Torres Herrera’s whose last words were “I am innocent, innocent, innocent! Make no mistake about this. I am an innocent man May God bless you all. I am ready”.






This is the site where people post live updates about suicide jumps. This bridge has one of the highest suicide rates in America. Who would want to watch people die?







This site has black box reporting of planes that crashed. Here you can read or listen to their last words before the plane crashes.



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