Christmas traditions all over the world

Christmas is probably the most wonderful time of the year. Naturally this seemingly worldwide holiday is celebrated differently in each country. Here are some Christmas traditions practiced in various places all over the world.



1.   Australia


Since Christmas happens during the summer season in Australia, most people spend their holidays camping or going out to the beach. In fact, there are various surfing competitions held during the Christmas time where participants surf in their Santa costume.



2.   France


In France, people serve thirteen different desserts during Christmas dinner. This include fruits, nut, and a lot of pastries. Yule log, which are cherry wood often burned in French home during the season, is a popular symbols of Christmas.



3.   Japan


Although Christmas is not as popular in Japan as in some other countries, people who celebrate the holiday often serve chicken on Christmas day. In fact, Christmas is the busiest time for KFC outlets in Japan.



4.   Philippines


In the Philippines, people go to church very early (4:00 am!) for nine straight days to hear mass as part of a novena to count down the days before the birth of Christ. It is believed that if you successfully attend all nine days, you are granted with one wish.



5.   Spain


Christmas logs known as Tio de Nadal or Caga Tio (the pooping log) are displayed in Spanish homes and are offered with food to ‘eat’ and blankets to keep warm. Families sing songs and hit the log with sticks as part of their ritual to help the log ‘digest’ its food. In return, the log drops sweets, nuts, and dried fruits, but when garlic or onion falls off the log, it means all treats are finished for the year

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