Check out this amazing 3D laser printer: Glowforge

Ever experienced coming up with an amazing design for anything and realizing that it wasn’t as easy to produce as you thought it would be? Then check out Glowforge,  an amazing 3D laser printer that can cut as well as engrave on any design on basically any kind of material.




Like any other printer, Glowforge is wireless and can fit on any desktop. You can use it with Mac, PC, a tablet, or any other gadget that you have since its software is easily available on the web. Designs made in any software such as Adobe Photoshop and Inkscape can be used to print different designs. You can also PDF or JPG files for you design.




Glowforge can cut or engrave on wood, leather, cloth, cardboard, and several other materials —even chocolate. You can also print your design on to any surface to personalize gadgets such as laptops and cellphones. The cameras in the printer automatically identify what you put inside, so it’s safe to print on you gadgets using any design you like.




Glowforge has 12 revolutionary features that would make your creative experience easier. Its on board cameras can cut and engrave directly on your drawing or you can scan, re-size, duplicate, or edit any photo using the Glowforge software. It precision preview feature allows the camera to show the actual material on the Glowforge bed so you can drag around your design and align it perfectly according to your preference. The 3D auto focus allows the lens to move as the laser travels, so you can cut or engrave materials that are curved, uneven or irregular.




The optical alignment feature allows the printer’s dual cameras to align with the printer head with the frame, design, and material. It realigns with every cut and engrave, adjusting timing and position to ensure perfection.




For those who are not into designing, Glowforge offers a wide array of designs and ideas that you can customize and print. You can also purchase different designs and material printed using the Glowforge printer on their website.

Glowforge offers an easier alternative in creating different things that you can use for your business, at home, in school or anywhere else. It is available for pre-order and will be available to the public on December this year.




For more information, check out the video down below or visit their website FB page here:

Glowforge: The Amazing 3D Lase PrinterPosted by Best Vidz on Saturday, October 3, 2015



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