5 YouTube channels that will help you learn things

Almost one third of the population of people who use the internet spend their waking hours on YouTube. This is probably why the social media platform currently produces the world’s leading online influencers. Most of YouTube channels focus on topics that will help enrich its viewers skills and educate people with new knowledge.


So instead on clicking on that new viral cat video, why not spend your time on YouTube productively? Here are five YouTube channels that will help you learn a thing or two that might actually come handy.


1.     Film Riot


Owned by Ryan Connolly of Triune Film productions, this YouTube channel focuses on the how to’s and basics of video production. It teaches the art of film making in short, interactive videos that will definitely give your inspiration for a future film project. Film Riot releases new videos every Mondays and Thursdays. Who knows? Maybe you might be next Godard!




2.     Crash Course


This all-in-one YouTube channel gives you everything you need to know about some of your subjects in school. Whether it be physics or philosophy, history or economics, Crash Course has the exact video you need to understand that tricky topic in class. The videos in this channel are grouped depending on the subject. They have course videos for anatomy and physiology, astronomy, US government and politics, economics, world history, biology, literature, ecology, chemistry, psychology, and US history. Each of their videos are well written and interactive to make learning a fun experience. Check out one of their videos below.




3.   Little Art Talks


Little Art Talks is a growing YouTube channel by Karin Yuen that helps discuss several topics about art. Yuen makes art easier to understand by explain art in a manner that is relatable to many. This channel will help you understand and appreciate art from all over the world without having to listen to boring lectures or going to a museum. Check out her latest video down below!




4.     Home Made Modern


Home Made Modern is different from any other DIY YouTube channels as it provides comprehensive videos about furniture making and home renovations. It is an online design channel that gives awesome inspirations for your homes. It is a perfect channel to go to when you want to redesign your room or when you’re just looking for a useful project you can do to spend your free time. Along with furniture, Home Made Modern also produces DIY decors your can make at home. Watch one of their videos below.




5.     Parkour Science


The rising population of Parkour, a sport that allows you to create movements that help you go from point A to point B efficiently, has given us an idea of the wonderful capabilities of the human body. Parkour Science is a starting YouTube channel with a little over two thousand subscribers. It explains the science behind the unique sport, Parkour. Robert McFarlen is a traceur (parkour practitioner), mathematician, and physicist that will help us understand the relation of movement and science. Check out one of his videos below.




Do you know any YouTube channel that will make us more productive? Comment your suggestions below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.








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