5 Things to throw away to declutter your home

There are those moments in life that when we just buy things because of impulse. We all have different reasons for impulse shopping. Whether it was a sale we absolutely cannot miss or following a fad that looked really cool during the time of purchase, we all end up with a very cluttered closet, room, and houses. There’s no better way to declutter than to just let go and throw out things we don’t really need. If you find it hard to decide which ones you need to toss out, read on and find out.


1 Clothes



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When decluttering, you have to start at the smallest unit of your home —the closet. It’s hard to let go of some clothes especially if you’re eyeing to lose or gain a few pounds. The rule of thumb, however, is that if it doesn’t fit, you have to toss it. Keeping clothes that don’t fit you anymore adds up to the spaces occupied by clutter. Another point to consider is if you haven’t worn it for more than six months, throw it away. (With the exemption of seasonal, clothes of course!) Chances are, you’re only keeping them because you’re waiting for the “right occasion,” but do you really need that them if you don’t have much opportunity to wear them?


2. Old pillows



Pillows can be breeding ground for bacteria, especially when they have not been cleaned for a while. Old pillows that have lost their fluff or are already raggedy should be disposed to help give more space in your bedroom and to save your family from possible diseases.


3. Makeup and other beauty products


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Old makeup and beauty products can do your more harm than good especially if they are expired. It’s best to check your products’ expiration dates and declutter those that don’t make the cut. You can also get rid of extra products that you no longer use like shampoos with scents you’ve outgrown or soaps that aren’t actually to your liking. This will help add more space in your bathroom and your makeup bag.


4. Cleaning products under your kitchen sink


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As you may have noticed by now, decluttering is throwing away the things that you don’t use or need. This means even the cleaning products you have lying under your kitchen sink. Though unseen to others, this still takes up some space in your home. Get rid of the near empty cans of aerosol and the glass cleaner that you no longer use. Next time, try to get multi-purpose cleaners so that you can reduce the number of bottles that you have as well as waste.


5. Paper


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Nobody wants a house full of rubbish and the most common culprit to this are receipts, bills, and unimportant documents lying around. It’s time to toss them to where they should be —the trash! If you’re the type of person who likes to keep track of his/her expenses, try taking photos of your receipts and saving them in a cloud. That way, you wouldn’t have to keep the physical copies that only fade over time. You might also want to switch to paperless billing to lessen future unnecessary waste.



Whether you’re decluttering to organize or simply doing it as therapy, you need to remember that haste makes more waste. There’s no rushing into cleaning the clutter from your home. Take it one step at a time and soon enough, you’ll come home a clean and organized heaven.


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