5 Hacks to beat the Monday blues.

Let’s face it, nobody really likes Mondays. After two days of all play, who would want to go back to their boring, tiring, and stressful routine? But being an adult —or even a student—- means, Mondays are inevitable and somehow we have to face it no matter what. There’s nothing more that we can do, but to make Mondays suck a little less.



1.  Eat a hearty breakfast


You’re mom is absolutely right about breakfast being the most important meal of the day. Not only will it give you energy for the entire morning, but it will also help improve your concentration levels. According to Kathleen Zelman of  WebMD, starting the day with a healthy breakfast can actually lower your cholesterol levels, help you control your weight, and give you enough strength and endurance for the physical activities you will face trough the day. Of course,  donuts are not considered as “healthy” breakfast, so opt for food rich in vitamins and fiber like fruits and oats.




2.   Get pumped up with exercise


Sure, the last thing you want to do on a Monday morning is to work you butt off, but trust us, working out in the morning will do wonders. Not only will it allow you to lose some extra unwanted pounds, it will also help improve your mood, and release some toxins from your body that you might have acquired over the weekend. Exercise can help in the production of endorphin, a chemical that gives off a feeling of euphoria. Another advantage of an early morning grind is that it would boost your metabolic rate which eventually helps in fat burning, and builds resistance from illness.





3.   Take a cold shower


Cold showers are very good in waking up you system. The cold temperature from the water would help improve your blood circulation. Cold showers also stimulate non-adrenaline secretion in the brain that prevents mood disorders like depression. Additionally, taking a cold shower would help improve your immune strength and have various metabolic advantages.







4.   Get your daily dose of joe. 


Nothing really beats a good cuppa. Aside from being a tasty waker upper, coffee is filled with antioxidants that help get rid of the bad toxins in your body. A single cup of coffee can help improve your physical performance and boost your energy levels. Along with that, coffee actually helps you focus and enhance your mood.





5.  Eat lunch some place else


Break the redundancy of office work and go out for lunch. Round up your Monday-hating-friends and coworkers and have lunch out! This way, it will help you have something to look forward to in the morning, and reduce stress in the middle of the day.




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