24 Hilarious yearbook quotes and photos you wish you had written

Yearbook photos are the best ways to make yourself  be remembered by your schoolmates. These kids definitely found ways to make themselves unforgettable.


1.      This low-key brag about excellent fashion taste.



2.     This tag team duo



3.      At least he didn’t forget to say thank you.



4.     This guy who paid tribute to his father.



5.     On the importance of inner beauty.



6.     This underwater adventure



7.     Famous quotes will never get old.



8.     This wise guy



9.     This girl who’s proud of her roots.



10.     He finally admitted how he felt about his school.



11.     Obviously, a lot of people liked him.



12.     This shameless plug



13.     Well at least you’ll get a glimpse of his music.



14.     He just wanted to make everything clear.



15.     On the importance of being true to one’s self.



16.     And we thought she was cute and innocent.



17.     These two tho.



18.     Because achieving your dream isn’t enough.



19.     He must be adorable.



20.  As it should be.



21.      Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t be.



22.      His parents must be so proud.




23.     On making your own prayers come true.



24.     Very very poignant.



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