15 Home improvement hacks from the best life hackers

Just when you thought that you’re totally screwed, we have life hacks. These supposedly easy to do and very efficient hacks are now very popular through the internet. However, we think that the greatest hacks are the ones you never really expected. We’ve taken the liberty to collect these unbelievable life that’s pure genius


Who says we’re running out of time?



You can even hang your coat in it. Talk about dual purpose!



No chopsticks? No problem!



Come to think of it, it’s more absorbent than regular toilet rolls.



Kebab anyone?



This photo is a proof the PIZZA IS LIFE



If you can master Tetris, you can master this



Trust him, he’s an engineer.



Who hasn’t done this anyway?



See? Good as new.



We don’t really need trash bins



Perfect for camping!



You don’t really need that $500 grill.



When your spare socks are in the laundry…



Cheers to these ingenuity!






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