10 nail art design perfect for Halloween

If you are not the type to wear costumes during Halloween, why not show your creativity in nail art instead. Here are a few inspirations you can use to decorate your nails for Halloween.


1. Skip the blood and go for a gorey slim alternative. This pop art nail design is a unique way of painting your nails. All you need are bright colored nail polishes and you’re good to go!


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2. Skulls are also good Halloween designs you can play around with. Instead of the usual black and white, try using a grey shimmer polish to add more glam to your nails.


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3. A little gore action would be fun. Try this very easy blood splatter design. It’s very minimalist design that doesn’t compromise the essence of Halloween.


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4. Off course, black and orange is the best color scheme to go with. But plain ones could be boring, but glitter on the other hand, adds more fun to it!


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5. Try making red and black more elegant by doing this design.


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6. Mismatched nails are the best especially if they match the season


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7. Off course, candy corn is in. Try adding a stitch pattern to make it more exciting as this one!


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8. To make things more exciting, bring it to a whole new level and use SFX!


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9. Jack-o-lanterns, are always the best for Halloween!



10. But of course, you can never go wrong with red.


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