10 Make up looks you should try for Halloween

Halloween is the time of the year you can go all out with your look without having other people think your crazy. This year, why not take things up a notch and try these make up look you can do at home.


1.   Of course, we’re starting with something scary. Whoever wasn’t terrified from the black bride in the Insidious movies, has got something wrong going on.



2.   If you’re into special effect make up and is looking for some gore action, why not try this gelatin zombie look. The best part is that it does not require latex! So if you’re allergic to latex, but still want to look awesome this Halloween, check this out!



3.   If you still want to become a zombie, but isn’t really that much of a fan of gore, try this glam version of our favorite brain pickers. We’d like to call them zomBAE *wink wink*



4.  Show you face painting skills and try this pulled face tutorial!



5.   Take glam make up to a whole new level by doing this avant garde splatter make up tutorial



6.   If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, why not go as the Hound this Halloween and make everyone cringe with your burnt face?



7.   Nothing beats a nurse costume for Halloween, but a dead nurse costume? Priceless



8.  Try this American Horror Story mattress monster for all you AHS fans out there



9.   Or you could also go as Nux from Mad Max



10.  If you for more than one party to go to, try this two part Barbie look.


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