10 healthy recipes you can make under 30 minutes

We know how important your time is, but your health should always come first. After all the over eating and the fast food you have consumed in the past few weeks, we think it’s time to practice eating healthy. Here are a few recipes you can try that can easily be done in 3o minutes or less.


1.    Peanut veggie noodle bowl


Replace unhealthy Chinese take out you got a healthy veggie version. It’s very easy to make. Find out how here.



2.   California veggie grilled chicken pasta bowls


The colors on this dish are so beautiful plus it’s very healthy as well. Get the recipe here.




3.   The big vegan bowl


Eating healthy absolutely does not mean that you have to eat boring, bland foods. The big vegan bowl is very easy and tasty you’d want more. Learn how to make it here.



4.   Fish taco bowls


Chipotle ain’t got nothin’ on this healthy fish taco bowls. Get the recipe here.




5.   Vegan pad thai


To fill your Asian food craving, here’s a delicious recipe of Vegan pad Thai that you can whip up in less than 30 minutes! Check it out here.



6.   Pan seared salmon with Mediterranean salsa freska and toasted couscous


For when you’re feeling ~fancy~ and want to impress some guests, try this recipe that isn’t only easy, but also very healthy. Learn how to make it here.




7.   One pan Moroccan fish


Try this easy and tasty recipe that will surely win everyone’s heart out —especially when they find out that it’s guilt free. Find the recipe here.





8.   Chicken caesar past salad


Truth be told, we never thought caesar salad would be this tasty! Learn how to make it here.





9.  Greek yogurt chicken salad sandwich


Turn your boring and unhealthy chicken sandwich into something that is pleasing to your taste buds without sacrificing its healthy benefits. Here’s how.



10.   Quinoa stuffed bell peppers


Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without a quinoa recipe. Here’s a really tasty one you can try. Get the recipe here.





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