10 DIY projects your kids will enjoy

Let’s face it, entertaining kids is a no easy task. Although toys and technology are the easy answers to this never ending dilemma, we fail to realize that creativity is an essential part in our child’s growth. In fact, it is one of the most important things every child should develop. Creativity helps boost critical thinking, imagination, and problem solving skills. This is why easy DIYs are perfect means to enhance your child’s creativity. We’ve come up with a list of easy DIY projects that will not only entertain your children, but would also help them develop their creative skills.


1.   DIY Foosball table


Foosball tables could be quite pricey, but because of this it’s DIY, you get to save money and still give your children the chance to play this awesome game at home. All you need are a few cardboard boxes, a little creativity, and some extra patience. This is a perfect bonding activity with your kids. Learn how to make it here.



2.   DIY Galaxy  slime


Slime is one of the most popular toys nowadays. (You don’t need to understand it, it’s just cook okay) However, some slimes are made with potentially hazardous materials that could be harmful to your kids. Smart parents would be happy with this DIY Galaxy slime recipe that is sure to be safe and fun. Your kids with thank you for having such a cool parent. Here’s how to make it.



3.   DIY Spinning 3D hot air balloon


Make your kid’s room fun and exciting with this awesome DIY project. Your kids will definitely feel like their walking on clouds surrounded with colorful hot air balloons. This is a perfect project you can do with your kids that will surely spark their creativity. Learn how to make it here.



4.  DIY no sew Minecraft pillow


Minecraft is probably the most popular game to kids nowadays. Merch could be very expensive, so why not make your own Minecraft pillows? This DIY project does not require any needles and thread, and it’s so easy to make. It can also be a perfect decorating piece for your kid’s bedroom. Learn how to make it here.



5.  DIY recycled doll house


Give mother Earth some love and teach your kids the value of recycling. This DIY recycled doll house is a perfect bonding activity that you and your kids can build together. It’s so easy to make and it will surely get your kids hooked with the DIY craze. Here are the instructions on how you can make it.



6.  DIY Monster gloves


Remember when you were young and you used to make puppets out of socks and paper bags? Bring it up a notch and show your kids how imagination is the best toy anyone could ever have. This DIY monster gloves will surely make you and your kids’ creative juices flowing. It’s so easy and really fun. Check out how you can make it here.



7.   Homemade play dough


Your kids will absolutely thank you for teaching them how to make their own play dough. This recipe ensures that you know all the ingredients and the things used to make you kid’s play dough and is a great way to enhance your child’s creativity. It’s very easy to make and remake over and over. Here’s how to do it.



8.   DIY hotel activity pack


Hotels could be super boring especially for kids. Why not make it fun and exciting with this DIY hotel activity pack that will keep you and your kid busy while having fun. Learn how to make it here.



9.   DIY Nebula Galaxy jar


This DIY project is perfect to help you kids improve their creative skills while having fun. They can mix and match colors to make the perfect galaxy jar and it could be an awesome decoration piece around the house. It does not require much materials and is very easy to make. Learn how to make it here.



10.  DIY Light Saber


Yes, you read that right. You can make YOUR own light saber. Oh, we mean, you can make your kids their own light saber. Your kids will never thank you enough. Here’s how you can make it.










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